Day 13 – 21 Days Through Prayer

By Jordan and Hannah Early

Scripture Reading: Acts 18-20

Topic: Faithful to go where the Spirit leads

Focus Scripture: Acts 20:24

In this passage we see that Paul is a very busy man, traveling from place to place, preaching the gospel and sharing Jesus. Just listening to all the places he’d been makes me tired.

But through all of this, we see that Paul was faithful to go wherever the Spirit lead him, regardless of what lay ahead. In Acts 20, Paul even says, “You’ve seen what my life has been like. Traveling from here to there. One hardship after another. I’ve served the Lord with humility and tears (v. 18-20, paraphrased).”

But this ultimately leads us to our focus — Acts 20:24.

“I consider my life worth nothing to me; my only aim is to finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me (v. 24, paraphrased).

What faith that must have taken! This is a guy that once ruthlessly murdered believers. A guy that people knew. To fully trust that wherever God led him, He would protect him and provide for him.

But even greater than that — to believe that the message of Christ and the purpose that God had called him to was worth the discomfort, worth the constant busyness, and worth the risk. That’s a faith that I want to have.

It reminds me of another popular one-liner from Paul — for me, to live is Christ and to die is gain.

If we truly believed that, we could once again turn the world upside down.

Father, I thank you for goodness and your provision in my life. Thank you for the sacrifice you made for me, sending your son to take my place, and to bear the burden of my sin. Help me to remember that through it all, you’ve always been faithful. Help me to remember that what you’ve called me to, you’ll bring me through. Help me to be faithful to go where you lead and to do what you say.

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