Day 19 – 21 Days through Acts

by Ian Angelo

Scripture Reading: Acts 26

Topic: Pray for strength and endurance to reach others.

Focus Scripture: Acts 26:19-21; 28-29

Have you ever had to explain your side of the story? Maybe as a child, you had to tell your side of the story to your parents as your sibling sits and watches. Sometimes, I will have my kids tell me each of their side before I make a judgement call.
Acts 26 begins with Paul doing just what I make my kids do if they are in trouble. He is telling his story of how he went from persecutor to persecuted. Paul has such an incredible and powerful transformation story of coming to Christ. As a highly educated man in the Jewish circle of influence, one might think he needed that type of “Road to Demascus” experience to have a true conversion. However, Paul strikes me as a zero to 60 type of personality and “all in” is an understatement. Directly after describing his conversion moment, he explains how he preached to everyone he saw and came in contact with to repent and turn to God.
Just as Paul was finishing his defense speech, Festus speaks up just like a sibling might interrupt and tells Paul he is going insane because he studies too much… Really?? That’s what they come back with? King Agrippa actually states that Paul almost convinced him to become Christian. Paul’s response is simply that he prays that everyone would become like him, “except without chains.”
I have found that it is typically easier to pray for strength and endurance as we try to reach others with the Gospel than it is to really buy into what God wants to do through us during that prayer. So, today resolve with me to quit simply speaking words for more comfort and rather believe with all of our being that God will always give us above and beyond what strength we need to spread the Gospel of Christ.

Oh God, I call out to you today not only asking but believing and buying into what you want to do through me today. Give me strength and endurance, Lord as you lead me with the mission of Gospel sharing. Thank you for always going above and beyond for us and for salvation. I love you, Lord Jesus. Amen

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