Day 20 – 21 Days through Acts

by Callie Menshew

Scripture Reading: Acts 27-28:10

Topic: God is with us through our storms

Focus Scripture:
Acts 27:10-11, Acts 27:23-25, Acts 27:35-37, Acts 27:44, Acts 28:2, Acts 28:8-9

As we read in this scripture we learn several things about God’s incredible wisdom and faithfulness. Our setting is on a ship that Paul, a prisoner, was on that was in route to see Caesar for his trail. During the journey, Paul warns the ship crew that there will be a disastrous storm that would end up brining great loss. The commander ignored Paul and decided to go on anyways (Acts 27:10-11). Paul’s warning was shown to be true and there was a great storm that continued for 14 days, with them losing cargo and tackle. God shows His mercy first by sending an angel to tell Paul that all on board will be saved thus empowering Paul to feed all of the ship (276 people) with bread (Acts 27:21). God then shows His faithfulness by fulfilling His word by safely carrying them to an island with not one life lost. (Acts 27:44). Not only did God bring them to safety, He didn’t stop there, He brought them to an island that was filled with people who had “unusual kindness” (Acts 28:2) and who cared for the entire ship. God then shows His power to heal when an island member was very ill with fever, but when Paul visited him and prayed healing over him, God healed. But God didn’t stop there, after this healing was performed, the rest of the people who were sick on this island came forth and were also healed. (Acts 28:8-9)
God was speaking to Paul, a prisoner on his way to trial, if we think we can’t hear from God in the difficulties we are in, we are believing a lie that Satan planted in our head. Since Paul was obedient and faithful even during this great storm, God was faithful in return to save them even after they ignored Paul’s warning. Sometimes we, in our flesh, believe “oh well I already messed up so no saving me now,” or “this is too far gone or too difficult” while the Bible has examples just as these that God will never leave or forsake us in the middle of a storm, even if we got ourselves there. This story also shows us that our God is no half way God, He very well could have led this ship to an abandoned island where there was no help. Instead our almighty God led them to an island that had people with unusual kindness who helped these 276 people.

Lord, forgive me for the times I made you small and for the times where I thought my ways were better. Thank you for being an almighty God that does nothing half way for your children and always fulfilling your promises to us. I pray that as my storms seem big I remember You are so much bigger. Amen

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