Who Are We?

Lead Pastors Eric and Christy Barton along with their family have been in ministry since 2003 as Associate and Student Pastors. They were both born and raised in the Lufkin area, but left answering God’s call in ministry. Since the summer of 2012 God began tugging at their hearts to move back to their hometown to see a new thriving local church built with the purpose of making a difference in lives in the community. This God sized dream of planting a church became reality when City Church launched on Feb. 16th 2014.

But why did we start a new church in Lufkin?
Lufkin is an incredible City with close to 40,000 people, yet only about 20% can be placed in a church home. We know that there are already many churches in this area, but still many people are distant and hurting, away from the hope and love found in Christ.

We believe that through Christ, the church is the hope of the world! Many people don’t understand the incredible love and hope found only in Christ and that the Church is meant to be the catalyst of that expression of love.

Many people wouldn’t define church this way.
Many people would have a negative definition when thinking about Church.

We believe that church should be the most compelling, fun, life-giving, exciting, creative, attractive, and loving entity in the world!
At City Church we want people ReThink Church!
ReThink what church is supposed to be and can be.
ReThink what Christ wants to do in this community through the Church.
And ReThink what God wants to do through you!

The Mission of City Church is to lead people to FULL lives in Christ.
We know that God has more planned for your life than you can imagine.  We want to help you as we discover who it is that God has called us to be and together we can make a difference in the community that we live.
We are passionate about connecting people to their destiny and purpose found in Christ.


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