This page is a hub for many different things that you and your family can do together while you are in your home. Let’s make this an intentional time to connect as families!

Explaining the Coronavirus to Kids

Your kids may have questions as to why they’re not allowed to go to school, why they can’t go to church, or just simply what is the Coronavirus that so many adults are talking about? This video is a great resource to show your children so that they may understand what is going on in the world around them, and how they can be helpful during this time. Below you’ll find some fun resources to stay busy too. We hope and pray that these resources help you as a parent make the most of this time.

KidCity Sunday Handout


The BibleProject: YouTube Channel

BibleProject is a nonprofit animation studio that produces short-form, fully animated videos. Their videos and all of their other resources are available for free to help people everywhere experience the unified story of the Bible. Our Connect Kids ministry leaders love using the BibleProject to engage with your kids on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights. Check out the link below for the complete collection of awesome videos to teach your kids right at home.

Virtual Museum Tours

Having your kids at home for multiple weeks can have some issues and complications beyond having enough food and supplies for two weeks. In terms of entertainment, it also probably means you and your kids may be in for a lot of boredom, a lot of Netflix, and a lot of browsing the internet. But there is a way to get a little culture and education while you’re confined to your home. This collection is especially good for students who are looking for ways to stay on top of their studies while schools are closed. Now you can all “go to the museum” and never have to leave your couch!

RightNow Media

RightNow media is an incredible resource for you and your family. It’s the “Netflix” of bible studies. There are thousands to pick from.
As a peer of city church this is a link to a free membership.

Helpful Links for Things To Do