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We can’t wait to celebrate Jesus and honors al the moms on this special Mother’s Day Service!
No matter what time of mom you have or you are, you know that you will find hope and inspiration here at City Church. 

We know that as much as this is a joyous occasion for some, it is very difficult for others. 
But no matter what your mom journey looks like, remember we have a savior worthy to be praised and ready to embrace you no mater the season!

Join us for inspiring worship, an uplifting message and a gift for all the moms!


Mother’s Day Service
Sunday May 8th
Service time 10am


From the moment you arrive, you’ll realize you immediately belong! You’ll be greeted by people who are excited to meet you and eager to assist you in anything you need for the day.

Our services have a down to earth, authentic feel, where truly everyone feels at home. You can expect service to last about an hour and 15 minutes. 

We will have great music, an insirational message and something special for every age!



Don’t worry, your kids will have an amazing time! We have a fun and impactful service planned for them. 
As soon as you arrive, our check-in team will be ready to securely register your child with a unique tag and help them get situated in the right class for their age. 
And in case dad forgot a gift, each kid is making a special present for al the mom’s! 
If your child needs you during service, we will contact you and let you know. Just know, they will have an incredible Easter Sunday!

104 W Shepherd Ave
Downtown Lufkin

Can’t wait to see you there!